Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Across the Mountains---Haiti Book is finally available!

We finally finished the task we set out to do five years ago! Actually I have been working on putting out  a book on Haiti for seven years. Alot of the Haiti articles you have read about on this blog was material I used in this book. Parts of the project go back thirty years ago as missionaries started compiling material together. Across the Mountains is a record of the various programs the COGICM have been involved with in Haiti. Humanitarian work, CSI, 1-W service, history of the congregations, the sinking of the Neptune and Conversion (New Birth) and Eathquake testimonies. It covers a span from 1966-2014.
575 pgs. 70 Illus.
You can order the book from Gospel Publishers or 
Prairie View Press

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  1. I just received a copy of this book today and skimmed through it. Although I have never been to Haiti, many of the names are familiar. We lived at St Marys for years and know many of those who are still involved with Hiati.
    I copied your post and posted it on my blog: I hope this is OK with you?